Hypnosis Session

Before you are offered any hypnotherapy I provide an initial consultation via Skype or phone to assess your case and answer any questions you may have about hypnosis and hypnotherapy.


If hypnotherapy is appropriate for you and with my experience likely to be of benefit to you, we will then discuss a realistic, achievable and affordable course of hypnotherapy sessions.


If we are both happy to go ahead we book a mutually agreeable time for a series of hypnotherapy sessions.

Therapy Session
Therapy Session

Benefits of Hypnotherapy with me at a glance:

    The dedicated comfortable practice room

    Research-driven advanced techniques

    Effective, natural and safe hypnosis


Call me now on (44)07515 538605 to arrange an initial consultation or use our contact form

Most cases require between 1and 4 hypnotherapy sessions. Some more complex cases require anything up to 12 sessions, but they are spread in a series of 4 session blocks throughout the span of 12 months to allow for progressive results to the desired outcome.


I take a client centered approach to hypnotherapy, which means that treatment strategies are individually tailored to each unique client or group.

Hypnotherapy can help you with:


Stopping Smoking

Weight Loss

Overcome anxiety


Panic Attacks

Public Speaking

Anger Management


Improve Self Esteem

Stress Management

Enhance Performance

Sporting Performance

Driving Nerves

Exam Nerves

Learning Enhancement

Reduce IBS